Walde, Inc.

FilmStar 20K Pro Scanner

Scanner Specifications

A Multi-Format High Speed, Professional Resolution Color Film Scanner


NOW AVAILABLE 3 to 5 weeks lead time


Film Formats: Consumer (35mm/APS) and Movie Film 8mm to 35mm Full Frame Width

QuickChange from one Format to another in < 1 min.

Film Formats Auto-Detected


Output Resolution: Selectable Max Size is 2048 x 3072 or 6.3 MegaPixels

4Base 1024 x 1536 1.5 MegaPixels

16Base 2048 x 3072 6 MegaPixels

64Base 4096 x 6144 24 MegaPixels (available Q4, 2007)


Scanner Speed: ~ 20,000 f/h - 1.5 MegaPixels

~ 5,000 f/h - 6 MegaPixels

~ 1,250 f/h - 24 MegaPixels (available Q4, 2007)

1K/2K 8mm/16mm @ 24fps Motion Picture

2K/4K 35mm @ 12/3 fps Motion Picture


Reel/Roll Sizes: In-Line OR Up to 11 Reels of Spliced Rolls or Single Long Rolls

Order Detection: Splices/Twin Checks

Order Designation: Bar Code, APS FID or Auto-Increment

Frame Designation: Adjustable Crop Window, Notches, Frame Gaps, Blips, Punch Codes

Customer/Lab Data: BMC / PFDF Lab Database Support


Exposure Range: -4 to +8 stops, Variable Camera Exposure, Constant DC Light Source

Output Types: JPG, JPG 2000, Uncompressed BMP, RAW, Custom


Main Camera: 12-Bit, 2048/4096 Element 3CCD Color Line Scan Camera w/Beam Splitter


Prescan Camera: 10-bit, 1024 Element Linear Array CCD

Detects Film Formats, Orders (splices), Frames, Codes

Reads Frame Densities for Main Camera Exposure Setting

Codes Translated: DX, Ext. DX, APS FID, APS CHOL, APS PAR, PUNCH Codes


Color Management: Auto Film Channel Calibration From Live Film (Manual Cal also available)

Whole Roll Analysis Including Frame Gaps for D-Min/D-Max

Advanced Scene Analysis for Color Failure Determination

Automatic Color from Whole Role Analysis OR

DX Code Assignable Film Channel OR

Order Number Assignable Film Channel OR

Complete Batch Assignable Film Channel


Cleaning: PTR Rollers, De-ionizing Brush Film Cleaner with Airflow

Calibration: Auto. Daily Master Correction on Customer Film Base

Auto. Feedback/Calibration on Prescanner and Main Camera


Optional Features: Auto. Frame Orientation Detection (Q4, 2007)


Platform/OS/SW: Dual Xeon 3.2 GHz w/1GB RAM, Terabyte Storage, Windows XP, C++

Certifications: FCC, UL, CSA, CE, VCCI

Power: 100-230V AC, 50-60Hz, Single Phase, 10 Amps @ 100VAC

Size/Weight: 28 x 24 x 40, 145 lbs.