The Most Affordable, Precision 4K UHD Scanner for Motion Archives Restoration - 2K @ 11+ fps, 4K @ 5.5 fps


FilmStar.  Preserving the Human Experience.

            FilmStar 4K UHD

Motion Picture Film Scanner

35mm Academy/Super 2/3/4 Perf
35mm Negative/Print/Reversal
16mm Regular/Super, S8/8mm Option
35mm (C-41/B&W) 4/8 Perf Stills
Audio:  35/16mm Optical Audio
(Sprocketless Capstan Driven System - up to 5% shrinkage handling!
35mm               16mm               S8/8mm
   4K @ 5.5 fps      2K @ 14 fps*       1K @ 25/28 fps
   2K @ 11 fps*     1K @ 28 fps        .5K @ 50/56 fps
   1K @ 22 fps      .5K @ 56 fps      .25K @ 100 fps
Tiff 16/8 bit, Cineon 10 bit log
DPX 10/12/16 bit log/linear
QuickTime ProRes 422/4444, AVI, WAV
Custom File Formats / Raw
Dust/Scratch Reduced Images!
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FilmStar Base System

The FilmStar 4K UHD Motion Picture Film Scanning system consists of a 4K/2K 35mm/16mm/8mm precision archival film scanner, a Host PC running Windows 7 for control/imaging/processing, and a high speed NIC connection to the customers’ long term storage or SAN.  In its basic configuration, FilmStar can safely transport aging, shrunken (up to ~5.0%), brittle, warped film and consists of a high resolution 4K camera such that 4K or 2K imaging is possible without upgrades.  4K scanning speed is at just under 6 fps, while 2K scanning speed is up to 14 fps with a 2K upgrade option to 30+ fps.  By default, the system is delivered as a single format 35mm or 16mm configuration (FilmStar UHD-35MM or FilmStar UHD-16MM) although a dual format 35/16 option (Option 35-16MM) is available and usually desirable.  A triple format 35/16/8 option is also available with the purchase of Option 16-8MM.

FilmStar Options

File format output options supported are DPX 8/10/16-Bit Log/Linear, AVI and TIFF 8/16 Bit along with the optional Apple ProRes 422/4444 MOV file format support (Option AMOV), among other common industry formats.  A hardware Option called OPR (Optical Perforation Registration) replaces our sprocket roller with a perforation detection system that maintains frame sync by detecting perforation edges optically.  Combined Hardware & Software Option OAD (Optical Audio Decoding) includes the 2K+ Imaging of optically encoded soundtracks for downstream processing and output to WAVFILES for incorporation into various supported movie formats.  A similar Hardware & Software Option called OKD (Optical Keycode Decoding) also employs the 2K+ imaging of optically encoded keycodes (using our Prescan Camera) to enable EDL file import and execution for targeted frames scanning and faster reel processing.  Finally, a Hardware Option called 4IR (4K Infra Red) uses the 4th IR channel of our 4K Quad-Linear Array CCD to perform infra-red matte scanning for detection of noise and scratches.  The very nature of its dual format high resolution design along with the implementation of the OPR, OAD, OKD and 4IR options enables the Walde FilmStar 4K UHD scanner to precisely scan & preserve old, damaged, & shrunken motion picture film archives.

FilmStar 4K UHD Quality

Since FilmStar's Beta Release in 2010, Walde's imaging and motion control expertise continues to enhance, improve, and ultimately deliver 4K UHD image quality that is comparable or better to our competitors.  Shown below is a screenshot comparing Walde with FilmLight and Arri with respect to line pair resolution from 20 to 80 lp/mm (4000 dpi).  Walde has a resolution edge over Arri - especially in the Blue channel - and is extremely comparable to FilmLight's NorthLight 2, which is a much slower system yet considered by many to be the benchmark in the industry for motion picture image quality.  Click on the image below for a closer view.

Comparisons with Image Systems' Golden Eye at 2K have also been performed where Walde was clearly the leader in color registration, noise, and line pair resolution as well.  Golden Eye uses a 3 CCD camera with a Beam Splitter which generally can not attain the color alignment accuracy that a Tri-Linear or Quad-Linear CCD array camera (FilmStar UHD uses a 4K quad-linear array).  Click on the image below to see the comparison at 400%.


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