Motion Picture Film Scanner

Motion Picture Film ScannerMotion Picture Film Scanner

About Walde

Incorporated in 2001, Walde consists of a skilled team of engineers with over 50 years of film scanner development, hardware, and software experience.  Expertise in precision Motion Control design and innovation of cutting edge high speed, high resolution Imaging Systems are Walde's strengths.  The FilmStar team represents a total of 7 scanning companies in the document imaging, still, and motion picture archival industries: reference scanning companies consist of PictureVision, Kodak, SunRise Imaging Inc., SunRise Designs Inc., NextScan, Walde, Inc. and Source Two.  Walde's highly qualified team is passionate in their mission to design, produce, install and support cost-effective, fast, and precision motion picture film scanning systems capable of delivering quality image output from precious and potentially damaged archives.  Walde's FilmStar UHD Motion Picture Film Scanner has clear competitive advantages and was designed with a primary goal in mind...

Preserving the Human Experience.

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